Basics of Agile Methodology

In today’s world traditional SDLC is not what customer wants but the Agile way of developing their solutions. When somebody says they are using Agile way they have to takes care of below :

  • Individual interaction
    • It is very important to do the interaction with people and in agile world it takes priority over process and tools. Process and tools are equally important but interaction among teams is the key of success.
  • Working software
    • Today we need to emphasis on working software over Comprehensive documentation. More automation and tools we can incorporate more easy to meet your delivery deadlines.
  • Customer collaboration
    • Involve customers more and more. Ask for feedback and do not worry much about  contract negotiation. More feedback and interactions you have, higher the success rate you will achieve
  • Responding to change
    • Whenever a change comes respond to it an adhere your thought. Don’t emphasis on “following a plan”. More quickly you respond more easy it will be for everyone

If we follow above basic things and keep simple self organized local relationship then within no time we can adopt true agile model.

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